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Mama Dangote unveils Diamond Platnumz biological dad

Diamond Platnumz has been on the receiving end of netizens throwing a flood of subtle insults after he refused to help his father Abdul Juma from doing menial work despite him being a certified millionaire.

diamond platnumz and his mother

Diamond Platnumz’s mother Sandra Sanura Kasimu who has since embraced her nickname, Mama Dangote has finally released a shocker revelation on social media.

Mama Dangote shared a series of photos of a man believed to be Diamond Platnumz’s biological father in a collage with a photo of his son setting the internet ablaze with speculations of Mzee Abdul Juma not actually being the biological father of Diamond Platnumz real name Nasibu Abdul Juma Issack.

The photos that have since gone viral online might be the proof we never knew we needed to prove that the mysterious man is actually Diamond Platnumz’s biological dad.

The actual biological father of Diamond Platnumz seems to share a face with Diamond Platnumz, together they have the same mouth, the same jawline, the same nose, and all.

Diamond Platnumz and his alleged biological father even share the same eyes.

There’s no way Diamond Platnumz’s doppelganger isn’t his biological father.

Mama Dangote didn’t disclose any other details accompanying the photos she shared on her Instagram account that boasts of millions of followers thanks to the love her son got on these internet streets.

A lot of netizens don’t know what to make of this revelation which has made them know for sure that Abdul Juma isn’t Simba’s dad but the million-dollar question at the back of fans is why Mama Dangote decided to hide Diamond’s biological dad from the world until now.

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