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Meet Beautiful Girlfriends Of Former 'Machachari' Actors

Machachari is one of the most popular Kenyan shows aired on Citizen TV. The show was unique in that the actors were children. It is a shame that the children have transcended their characters and the show had to be canceled.

Some actors ventured into other territories unknown, but Tosh, Baha and Govi remain relevant in the entertainment industry.

Like other celebrities, the celebs must take care of their private lives. The three boys are all grown up and in a relationship. Meet their beautiful girl friends.

1. Baha's girlfriend.

Baha's girlfriend.

Baha' s real name is Tyler Mbaya. He seems like the most romantic guy because he always posts photos of his friends which are titled with beautiful messages.

Baha' s girlfriend named Georgina Nenga Neri. She is a fashion entrepreneur with great fashion and clothing sense.

The have been posting romantic photos of them which have left many people eyeing for their love. We wish the love will keep on burning to the better heights

2. Tosh's girlfriend.

Tosh' s girlfriend.

Tosh is called Sammy King in real life. Tosh is one of Machachari' s cutest former actors. His girlfriend is also a beautiful Kenyan named Christine.

He is a handsome young guy who many ladies flatter around with. He has a nice acting sense and this makes him be loved so much by his fans.

3. Govi's girlfriend.

Govi' s girlfriend.
Govi is Baha' s youngest child and brother in front of the camera. His name is actually called Malik Lemwell in real life. Govi was very unhappy with his relationship when he introduced several women before settling down. His girlffriend' s name is unknown, but the couple looks flawless and happy in the photos she shared on social media.

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