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Actress Jacky Vike To Charge Ksh5 Million For Valentine Song Collabo (Video)

Actress Jacky Vike.
Actress Jacky Vike.

Former Papa Shirandula actress Awinja Nyamwalo, real name Jacky Vike, took the music industry by storm after her first song went viral on YouTube.

The first hit ever, the Sio Lazima hit garnered 419k views just one day after being uploaded to streaming platforms.

The song radiates the spirit of the upcoming Valentine's Day and will be a good song to make fun of Valentine's Day for those who can't experience the most interesting event.

A hilarious trick where comedians Mammito and Nyaminde aka Wilbroda are screaming and wearing red church aprons.

While also opening up about her life, she admitted that she hated the area where she grew up. So he did everything he could to move his family to a better environment.

According to Jackie, cases of theft and negative peer influence mostly dominated Guanga. In an attempt to lead a daily life, the social media sensation reveals that she has developed excessive self-confidence issues as her normal will often be considered stupid.

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