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Inside MPs Plan to Receive Ksh11.7 Billion Free Cars, Mortgage

Members of Parliament.
Members of Parliament.

Members of Parliament asked the National Treasury to, among others, add an extra Ksh 11.7 billion to the budget, a shipping package for free cars and their assistants.

They also want extra millions to cover their mortgage and health insurance payments.

In a report submitted to the Parliament by the Budget and Appropriations Commission, MPs receive free cars of Ksh 4.2 billion for MPs to be elected after the August 9 elections, Ksh 6.6 billion for their deputies and Ksh 500 million in subsidized mortgages.

The MPs are also asking for Ksh 373 million to cover the medical expenses of MPs who will not be able to reclaim their seats in the General Elections.

“The Parliamentary Service Commission submitted a spending requirement of Ksh 65.71 billion to the Budget and Appropriations Commission. This represents a deviation of Ksh 27.23 billion from the resource ceiling of Ksh 38.476 billion offered by the National Treasury,” said committee chairman Kanini Kega, in the report quoted by Business Daily.

MPs are also targeting Ksh 500 million in addition to their existing subsidized mortgages of Ksh 20 million each.

“The Committee observed that the additional requests included one-off expenditures of Ksh 11.7 billion, which was unavoidable under the current circumstances due to the inactivity of the 12th Parliament,” Kanini said.

The 418 legislators, each eligible for a car grant of Ksh 5 million, also want to double it to Ksh 10 million per parliamentarian.

They have a low-cost mortgage, a car loan, a free car, and other perks, making them one of the highest paid MPs in Africa.

Thousands of personal assistants attached to 68 Senators and 350 members of the National Assembly in 47 Counties are also poised to receive bountiful retirement benefits equivalent to 31 percent of their five-year salary.

The Ksh 4.2 billion car grant will see newly elected MPs get new vehicles out of the pockets of tax-paying Kenyans. Legislators are currently entitled to Ksh 5 million car grants and Ksh 7 million car loans in addition to the Ksh 20 million mortgage.

The Parliamentary Pensions Act states that MPs who serve more than two consecutive terms are entitled to a monthly pension of Ksh 125 thousand for the rest of their life.

Members of parliament who lose after serving a term are reimbursed three times their monthly contribution, including 15 percent interest.


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