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Kapseret Member Of Parliament Oscar Sudi Cleared Over Defamation Case Against Mama Ngina

Oscar Sudi and Mama Ngina.

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi has been released by the Nakuru court, which acquitted President Uhuru Kenyatta of hate speech charges in which he was accused of insulting his mother.

Sudi's remarks to Kenya's former First Lady, Mama Ngina Kenyatta, in September 2020, got him in trouble with the authorities and led to his appearance in court.

Other charges brought against him included offensive conduct, resisting arrest, illegal possession of firearms and assaulting a police officer.

A happy Sudi announced that after the verdict, the court determined that it had no case to answer, ending a struggle that took months to resolve in the Judiciary.

"I am very happy. You remember that I was accused of incitement a year ago. The courts once again delivered justice by deciding that I have no case to answer," he said.

Sudi was arrested at his home in Kapseret last year by a group of security guards after his derogatory remarks were found to target the country's founding chief.

He argued that by misinterpreting his words as a crime, he was only addressing a problem of society.

“I mentioned my mother while making the statement that is considered abuse. But because my mother was poor, they thought it wise to arrest me. But the court gave me justice,” he said.

Sudi was questioned by detectives from the National Commission on Integration and Integration (NCIC) regarding statements that officials said could lead to a disruption of the peace.

But she refused to apologize for the blasphemous remarks targeting the President's family, and the President later opened fire on leaders who insulted his mother earlier that week.

"I'm going to explore a road here. We are building a road that will connect Nairobi, going from Kiambu to Murang'a all the way to Nyeri. I told you I was only interested in business.

“Even if I'm young, I have no problem going home as long as people see my work. "These idiots who hurl insults around are telling them to go insult their mother and leave mine alone," he said.


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