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Sabina Chege Defends Fraudulent Claims in Elections Before IEBC Calls

Sabina Chege.
Sabina Chege.

Sabina Chege, Women's Representative to Murang'a, defended herself against allegations that the 2017 General Elections were rigged and that the same will happen during the upcoming General Elections.

Speaking during an Azimio campaign in Vihiga County on Thursday (February 10th), Chege responded to allegations by Vice President William Ruto that there are plans to oust him from the presidency in favor of ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Last month, DP Ruto added that he would make sure no one steals their votes, alleging plans by the "deep state" to prevent him from taking the presidency.

“Does it look like my votes can be stolen? I am the vice president of Kenya. Is there a deep state or system that exists without my knowledge? I will surprise them.

“The voters will decide, and once the votes are cast, that's for sure. "No one will interfere with my results," he said.

Chege hinted that he knew very well how the DP's Jubilee Party came to power, before hinting that the ruling party may have used unconventional methods to win previous elections and would be willing to do something similar this year.

"I heard at the Center that they claimed we stole the elections. There is some truth in that. They should know that if we knew how to cheat in the previous elections, what makes you think we wouldn't do anything?" she posed.

William Ruto addressing members of the public in Likuyani during his three-day visit of the Western Kenya region.
DP William Ruto addressing members of the public in Likuyani during his three-day visit of the Western Kenya region.
While the allegations sparked all sorts of angry reactions on social media, Kenyans urged the necessary authorities to take action against their lawmakers over arrogant words.

However, Chege defended himself by stating that his feelings were taken out of context.

“I didn't mean exactly that we were stealing Raila's victory. I was just adding to what previous speakers at the rally had to say to encourage people to register as large numbers of voters so Raila could have the numbers to take her to the State Legislature,” he told The Standard on Sunday, February 13. . .

He claimed that the elections were won six months before voting day, a secret they used to defeat their political opponents.

“Elections are won six months before voting day, and this is the secret we use to beat our opponents. "I told them that now that we are with them, we will work together to win the election," he said.

Still, Chege was summoned by the Independent Election and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) over the allegations and will have to appear before the Code of Conduct Enforcement Committee on Tuesday, February 15.

"You are hereby required to attend the offices of the Commission's Election Code Committee at 9:00 am on February 15, 2022, to review self-made statements at a public rally in Isibuye, Vihiga County, on February 10," IEBC said in a statement. " on Friday, February 11

The call notice came minutes after DP Ruto responded to allegations that he described his allegations as simple propaganda bordered on lies, as a rare defense of President Uhuru Kenyatta during a rally in Vihiga County.


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