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‘2 Baddies’ latest album drop by NCT 127



2 Baddies, the brand new album was released on Friday ,September 16 by NCT 127.

The 12 songs on the album 2 Baddies span the genres of R&B, hip-hop, electronic dance, and pop.

The band, which consists of Taeil, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Mark, and Haechan, will also perform supporting bi-coastal North American concerts for the album, it was announced.

There will be a later release of details regarding the concerts in New York and Los Angeles scheduled respectively on, October 6 and 13.

The nine-piece band hasn't released a song from the album yet, but they have teased its concept and aesthetic with videos full of slick, expensive sports cars, like the one seen on the album's panoramic cover image with all nine members. The sound of the album, on the other hand, demonstrates the idols' diverse versatility as they move between R&B, pop, electronic dance, and hip-hop-influenced sounds.

Sticker, which debuted on September 17, 2021, is almost exactly one year old when 2 Baddies debuts. On the Billboard 200 all-genre chart, where it spent 17 weeks, the album from last year peaked at No. 3. It is NCT 127's highest charting single to date, with Neo Zone from 2020 reaching No. 5, We Are Superhuman from 2019 reaching No. 11, and Regular-Irregular from 2018 reaching No. 86.

2 Baddies tracklist:

  1. Faster
  2. Baddies
  3. Time Lapse
  4. Crash Landing
  5. Designer
  6. Gold Dust)
  7. Black Clouds)
  8. Playback
  9. Tasty
  10. Vitamin
  11. LOL(Laugh-Out-Loud)
  12. 1, 2, 7 (Time Stops)

 2 Baddies stream

The band also shared the cover art for the forthcoming album in addition to the release date and title.
The group of nine people are shown in an overhead view gathered around a sleek, vivid blue sports car against a white background.