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Duduzile Zuma charged after posting this on Twitter.


image via TimesLive

The alleged instigator, Duduzile Zuma, is now accused of encouraging violence against News24 reporter Karyn Maughan. On behalf of Jacob Zuma's legal team, a request opposing the reporting on the former president's health issues was given to the reporter on Tuesday.

He is accused of spreading a lie about Msholozi's situation while the pertinent records for Maughan's debasement trial were being sought out. The records have been made public through open records requests after being presented as evidence in court. Whatever the specifics, the careless handling of the materials is what the Zumas find objectionable.

Additionally, the prosecution is attempting to retain Billy Downer as a lawyer. However, it appears that the defendants are in the clear and the proceedings will proceed as scheduled. They are probably interested in the subject because of the South African National Editors Forum. It was described by Karyn Maughan as a "unblemished instance of terrorizing" and "an attack on media freedom," and SANEF has since acknowledged that it took place.

In light of the two, Duduzile Zuma has essentially received a verdict from SANEF. Due to a Tweet she posted the day prior, they are now claiming that she is "inciting violence against Maughan." By suggesting that the seasoned journalist is "rallying followers," Duduzile Zuma claims that the offending post is "open up comments on her page." 

Source: https://www.thesouthafrican.com/news/breaking-who-is-duduzile-zuma-karyn-maughan-legal-case-wednesday-7-september/

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