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"The Flash" actor Ezra Miller Claims to be the Messiah

In March 2020, at the start of Covid-19, when work on their film projects, including the Fantastic Beasts sequel, abruptly came to a stop, Miller's mental health problems reportedly started to get worse. Miller's trip to Iceland is  where the actor's problems first made headlines after he was seen choking a woman in Reykjavik.

Miller traveled to Iceland with a 55-year-old South Dakota medicine man and "spiritual advisor" named Jasper Young Bear, who would inform Miller that the actor was a messiah and that "demons" were after him, according to Vanity Fair. Miller was reportedly still dealing with the effects of his parents' divorce.

A source claimed that Miller "would talk about the metaverse and the medical field and how he is the Messiah and what his work is here" . "He claimed that attending events is their spiritual practice, so they party while doing so. So, while in Iceland, [they] were constantly on the go. Their preferred venues were raves, where they would frequently go on extended bender binges. 

Miller's tale allegedly includes young Tokata Iron Eyes, and the author claims that their union was predestined. One person says, "Ezra is Jesus, and Tokata is an apocalyptic Native American spider goddess, and their union is supposed to bring about the end of the world."
And that is the "true" reason why everyone is against their relationship.
They claim to be some sort of messiah and to be leading an Indigenous revolution, according to Jumping Eagle, the mother of Iron Eyes, who has also heard this version of the tale from Miller.

According to two visitors this year, the Vermont house has an altar where there are bullets, weed, sage, and figurines of Flash. A longtime friend claims that "he frequently demands the women place their cell phones on the altar when they enter, in addition to other offerings."

Miller and Iron Eyes made friends with a member of a polygamous family on the east side of the island while they were visiting Hawaii in late March and shopping at the Hilo Farmers Market. The actor informed the family, who runs a small booth, that they wanted to give up their Hollywood career in exchange for a straightforward Hawaiian storefront and needed inventory to stock it. Miller also mentioned that they were traveling with a companion who required the actor's assistance and that they were having trouble finding a place to stay.

Miller bought the polygamous patriarch a $2,000 diamond and ruby encrusted gold lion ring from Kay Jewelers one day as they were strolling through a strip mall. The father claims that Miller advocated joining families. It was as if to say, "We ought to be partners forever. The patriarch says, "I want to take you all over the world. "And I didn't say no. I was aware of the type of state he was in.

Miller's ex-girlfriend Erin, who requested to only be referred to by her first name, and whom the actor was seeing when they started working on The Flash together in 2016, exchanged messages with Vanity Fair. The Ezra she knew, according to her, "wasn't violent or physically abusive toward anyone." Because of our intense love and his kindness toward me, thinking back is difficult. She does, however, recall the dark period that followed the breakup: "For years he convinced me and all our friends that I was abusive... In retrospect, however, I see that I would have called him out on his disrespect and he would not have accepted responsibility for his actions, instead calling me abusive for my response. It could have been handled better by me. The term "gaslight" wasn't yet familiar to me.

The actor however says he is receiving treatment and acknowledges that he has "complex mental health issues."

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